Build Better: Shawn Ankley

The Carpenters Union helped Shawn Ankley has found a way to give back to his community.

Since switching over from the nonunion sector, it has been night and day for Local 59’s, Shawn Ankley. He went from not knowing where his next paycheck was coming from, to enjoying the stability, benefits, and consistent work the Union provides to support him and his family.

Shawn is Native American and comes from Northeast Washington’s Colville tribe. He has seen firsthand the hopelessness that can exist on the reservation. The unfortunate reality is that drug and alcohol abuse still ravage his community. He credits State programs for getting him into the Union and away from a dead-end path. He is committed to working with those same programs and state officials in coming up with ways to show tribal youth that there is a way out.

Through the Carpenter’s Union, Shawn is making a point of giving back and uplifting his community!

Watch the video above to learn more about Shawn’s story.

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