Celebrating National Hire-A-Veteran Day

The best way to honor a Veteran? Hire one!

National Hire-A-Veteran Day is observed every year on July 25. The purpose of this day is not only to honor our Veterans, but to make sure we promote their skills and achievements while encouraging employers to hire our nation’s hardest workers.

The Union is no stranger to having military members amongst our ranks and Veterans Eddie Willmott, Tim Carlton and Brandon Morris can count not only years of service to our country, but years of service with our Union.

The similarities between the military and the Union are many. You’ll find the same group of individuals, the same quality of workers and a same, shared mission amongst your peers. President Frank Hawk describes Veterans turned Union Carpenters as workers made ready-to-go.  Most importantly, Veterans bring discipline and a desire to succeed to the trade –qualities required in both the military and the trades that easily transfer from one setting to the next.

To learn more about our Union Veterans on National Hire-A-Veteran Day, watch the video above or click here. And don’t forget – the best way to honor a Veteran is to hire one.