Construction workers seek solutions to industry mental health issue

SWRCC VP Frank Hawk and BOSS Committee Chair Tim Carlton were recently featured on KSNV News in Las Vegas.

Behind the power tools and tough exteriors, thousands of carpenters are facing dangers both on and off the worksite.

Nationwide, the numbers hammer into a devastating story. According to the CDC, every year, over 5500 construction workers lose their life to suicide. That averages about 15 suicides per day and ranks as the second-highest profession for those rates in America.

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Now the SWRCC is taking a stand. Creating the Brotherhood Outreach for Strength and Support—or BOSS Council. The goal, to address mental health issues among its members.

And so far, both Tim Carlton and Frank Hawk say the feedback is incredible.

“It’s good for my soul to say hey guys, I needed help, I got help, and I’m over here now instead of over here,” said Carlton.

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