Contractor Spotlight: Norberto Avalos, Millwork Pioneers

From Carpenter to Contractor, Norberto Avalos is living his American Dream.

After a conversation with his brother-in-law and the desire to have a better life for his family, Norberto Avalos decided to pursue a career as a Union Carpenter in 2008. With the recession following soon after, it wasn’t until 2013 that he would return to work once again as a Union Carpenter.

“All the instructors there at the Carpenters Union were basically my mentors. They had everything that it took to be successful.”
Norberto Avalos
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He came back with a drive and even bigger dreams than when he first began. He wanted to become a contractor and knew that with the training he received during his apprenticeship, he would be able to reach his goal. With support from his apprenticeship instructors and his wife, Norberto studied constantly and passed his exam. Millwork Pioneers opened its doors in 2016. 

Millwork by Millwork Pioneers at True Food Kitchen, La Jolla, CA

Since then, Millwork Pioneers has secured projects for various restaurants in Southern California, the City of Long Beach and even Disney. Having now expanded his company to Nevada, he truly feels that he is the perfect example that with hard work, dreams do come true.