Local 661 Participated in a Press Conference About the Project

An announcement regarding a key California State Budget allocation for the Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center was made during a press conference at the site of the Center in downtown Bakersfield.  Southwest Carpenters and Local 661 in Bakersfield have played a key role in the project becoming a reality.

The new Center will be a multicultural community center complex in downtown Bakersfield, California. It will consist of a state-of-the-art campus and headquarters that will include a comprehensive child development facility, art gallery, outdoor amphitheater, and a community organizing training academy. The Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center will also be built by a signatory General Contractor.

This new Center will be one of the first new-build construction projects in downtown Bakersfield and it’s central to the plan to revitalize the downtown.  Southwest Carpenters Local 661 is a leading proponent of the revitalization of downtown Bakersfield and the building of the Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center.

Local 661, Bakersfield, Lead Representative Josh Taylor spoke during the press conference about the importance for the Center to be built by Union Carpenters and how the Center will bring Community Wealth to Bakersfield and the Central Valley of California. You can watch Josh Taylor’s speech here.

ABC KERO-TV Bakersfield was on-hand for press conference. Watch the news clip here.