Local 562 Journeyman Gets a Second Chance on Life

Our Carpenters are known for their tenacity, strength and perseverance. Local 562 Journeyman Donald Rowe is no exception.

For generations, Donald’s family has celebrated the Union tradition – both his grandfather and father were Pile Driver’s, and his brothers are Union members. Before joining the Union himself, Donald found himself being the older brother looking up to his younger brothers, uncertain of his own future. Even when he joined the Union and became a Pile Driver himself, Donald found himself questioning if the trade was right for him.

Between his first job with Largo and becoming a Journeyman, Donald finally knew he was where he was meant to be. But then, his life changed in split second.

Just a month after Journeying out, Donald was in a motorcycle accident, resulting in the amputation of his right leg, below the knee. He says that had it not been for his Union benefits, he would have suffered an amputation up to his hip due to the severity of his injury.

What Donald thought would be the end of his career was only the beginning. With the support and full backing of his Brotherhood, Donald went through a full recovery and eventual return to the jobsite. He credits the motivation and encouragement of the Union and his Brothers and Sisters for bringing him to where he is today, a true Union Carpenter.

Today, Donald is a proud father, and an even prouder Union member who continues to learn and grow, doing what he loves every day.

To learn about Donald’s story, watch the video above or click here.