Member Spotlight: Ernie Villarino

Local 619 Member Ernie Villarino Is a 17-Year Veteran Carpenter, Foreman, and Entrepreneur.

Ernie Villarino honed his carpentry skills while working for his father who was a residential General Contractor. He became a Union Carpenter in 2003 and came in as a Journeyman.

During his career as a Union Carpenter, Ernie has been a Lead Carpenter, Deck Foreman, and since 2006, a Foreman.


Ernie Villarino
Ernie Villarino
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As an entrepreneur, Ernie’s been able to put the skills he was taught as a Union Carpenter to good use.

He has developed a striking tool – the EVIII Hammer by Erner Brand – for our industry. The purpose built hammer went on sale in November and is patent pending.

Ernie hopes that his hammer – and Erner Brand – are an example of what can be accomplished with the skills and training of a Union Carpenter.

“I’m a Union brother that built and developed this hammer for my Union brothers and sisters. Being a Union Carpenter is more than a job it’s an opportunity.”