Local 1977 Member is Building the Future of Las Vegas.

Local 1977 member Jaclyn Engel’s favorite project to build will be the new MSG Sphere.  This sphere-shaped music arena being built at The Venetian is going to reshape the famed Las Vegas strip and redefine the concert experience.  And Jackie (Jaclyn) couldn’t be happier to have had a hand in building it.

Jackie wanted to be on the Sphere project so badly that she jumped the fence to the project. She did the same for three straight days until the Safety Supervisor recognized her and hired Jackie immediately. She worked on the project for 18 months and she Journeyed Out on the job.

This type of tenacity has defined Jackie’s career. She was driving a forklift at a warehouse by day and moving furniture at night, but she was struggling financially working both jobs. The company she was working for had Union work come up and she jumped at the chance to become a Union Carpenter.  She dove head first into her Apprenticeship and Journeyed Out with more than 8,000 hours!

Jackie is a proud member of Sin City Sisters – the Las Vegas chapter of Sisters in the Brotherhood.  Through her example she hopes to inspire the next generation of female Carpenters.  Also by her example, she hopes to make her daughter proud – her most cherished achievement.

Watch the video above to learn more about Jackie Engel.