Member Spotlight: Lucia Corvera

Local 714 member Lucia Corvera is a 2nd Period Apprentice with plans to be a Foreman.

Lucia Corvera learned about construction in a class that she took in high school through Career Connections.  She had always been motivated by movement and interested in building, so it wasn’t a surprise when construction piqued her interest.   However, it was the Union – and specifically the benefits that the Union offers – that sealed the deal for her.

Lucia Corvera and her father
Lucia Corvera and her father
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Lucia’s construction class competed in a SkillsUSA Carpentry competition where they took first prize for building a shed. At the competition, she was scouted by Raymond Southern California Interiors for a job working at Disney’s California Adventure.  She’s been at that same job since she started her career in carpentry working in interior and exterior framing and drywall.

Lucia has been a member of Local 714 for just over a year and she is almost a 3rd Period Apprentice.  Her goal is to be a Foreman, and by her performance so far, she’s on the trajectory to doing just that.

“To all the women thinking about being a union carpenter, I advise them to go for it. It’s not only a man’s job it’s a women’s job too. I know 100% that women can do as much as men can do. I’m not saying it will be easy. You will work hard and get dirty, but it will be SO FUN!!!”