Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of June 27

AB2011 Heads to the Senate Government and Finance Committee on June 29th!
Last week, Carpenters from northern and southern California proudly gathered in Sacramento to rally their support for AB2011. AB2011, with a 6 – 1 vote, passed the Senate Housing Committee and now officially heads to the Senate Government and Finance Committee this week on Wednesday, June 29! We are one step closer to building the affordable housing Californian’s need, with Union workers, jobs, wages and benefits included. It’s the ultimate win-win for all Californians. Stay tuned!

Local 555 Proudly Floats through Denver Pride Parade
Over the weekend, Local 555/1607 worked their way through the Denver Pride Parade with their own float! The Carpenters’ float featured painted doors printed with proud Carpenter statements including “Jobs, Wages, Benefits,”“ Union Gives Strength,” and “Diversity Inclusion Equity”. Local 555/1607 was also joined by Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper for a photo-op. We are proud of Local 555/1607 for showing their Pride!

Local 1977 Hosts Taco Competition with 400+ Carpenters
Not only do Carpenters build better, but they cook better too! 400+ Carpenters and their family members showed up to Local 1977’s taco competition hosted by the Chingazo 1977 Committee. This was the first time this event has been held since 2017! Members and their families were able to enjoy endless tacos prepared by our own Carpenters and overall had lots of fun amongst an incredible community turnout.